Monday, 24 September 2007


Determination set in yesterday. Im so far behind in my schedule that its becoming ridiculous, so I went down to Chichester hoping that a change of scenery would help. I was determined to run/walk til I couldnt and then walk until I couldnt-the aim being to clock as many miles as was physically possible, with no pressure of time. My chest is still rather bad, and i havent been to the gym all week, so I had to slow my pace just to breathe. But i did manage to run/walk 9.5 miles and then I walked until I had clocked a total of 12. I secretly think that this will be the plan from now on. Run/walk til I cant go on like that, and then walk the rest of the distance, and with any luck, the walking will provide adequate rest for me to at least run some of the way once I hit Trinity College. Starting to regret my decision to take part, and im not getting the support I hoped for. Ive had set back after set back, and this latest bit of ill health isnt helping. Nor was the row that reduced me to tears on the phone with C. He thinks I should just be able to run now, and not run/walk. I tried to explain this wasnt realistic for me, but he wasnt having any of it, and the call just left me feeling dejected. I so wanted to be able to enjoy this, but i think i will just be lucky to survive.

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