Monday, 1 October 2007

Petition to God for 26 hr days

I cant fit it all in. Its impossible. I have so many responsibilities that it is impossible to keep up with everything. Something has to give and unfortunately its been my training. I didnt run at all this weekend because I was taking my son to a party and hes not good with parties. I usually go for a run at 11 because to run earlier than this is impossible because its too early to leave my son with my parents. But the party was at 2 and I wouldnt have been back in time. The party finished at 5 and this was too late to run because it would have been too late to leave my son with my parents. I had every intention to run today but the weather was not on my side. Now I know what your thinking, I should be able to run in any weather, but it was chucking it down and im still not well and I dont want to develop pneumonia. Again responsibilities and a dentist appointment which always makes me feel unwell coz i react badly to local anesthetic got in the way of plans to go to the gym. But come hell or high water I am going tomorrow. And I WILL be running next sunday.
In the mean time, I would like everyone to join me in a petition to God for 26 hr days!

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