Wednesday, 10 October 2007

It was going so well until.....

First my GPS battery ran out, and then I slightly twisted my ankle. Wet leaves are an unfortunatly regular obstacle when you live in the country like me. But I did do 8 miles (first four were blissfully easy; last four were in varying degrees of agony) in two hours. Doesnt seem like many, but I know that means Im getting faster despite the various lows along the way. I was determined to get out there this morning, having had to put off Sundays run because of a pre arranged commitment which I had forgotten about when planning when to run, and could not get out off. The original plan was to run Monday, but my car broke down Sunday eve, and I spent Monday under the car which was jacked up outside my parents house, fitting a new alternator. So run was postponed til today. Just as well when I thought about it, because I needed to get to the sports shop and spend yet more money ( I have calculated that to date I have spent somewhere between 800 and £1000 on my new interest...not sure if I can justify the expense given the state of my bank balance, but there we go....) as a new pair of sock, a long sleeved top and gel bars were needed. I had planned to run a circuit of Chichester again, but having forgotten my MP3 player, I opted to drive to my parents house and run the local rural roads. I was sorely tempted to put the run off all together, but I didnt, telling myself it was now or never, and that now was as good a time as any, so out I went.
After the twist I walked a good percentage of the last four miles, only running when I felt physically able to, but scared of further injury, I waited til I got to the last 400 meters before pushing myself. I managed to push myself to race pace without too much pain, the walking having eased some off the agony I had been feeling when it first happened.
Indoors, I ran a cold bath-something I knew I should have been doing long ago after runs, following advice from my uncle (a qualified masseur), but I like my baths to be warm so had been putting this off-and braced myself for the freezing water. I made myself stay there for ten minutes, despite the urge to get out and then had a warm shower. Pain is almost gone now, an hour and a half later, and my bruised and battered ego soothed a little, along with my frustration, having spoken to C on the phone. No words of comfort or wisdom were uttered, and coz hes at work the call was rather short, but it was enough to know he's there ready to listen when Im having a tough session.
Postmortem assessment of session now thoroughly analysed, I can now sit back and see there were pros and cons about today, and it wasnt all bad, but they say its 80% in your mind, and only 20% in your legs; I have to ask then, why, when my mind is pushing me forward, shouting commands to keep going, do my legs refuse to comply?

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